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Friday, August 28, 2009

Awkward: Remixing Hitler

There is an internet tradition of redoing the subtitles on the scene from Downfall where Hitler loses his temper. There are hundreds of them on YouTube.

Sometimes, Hitler finds out that Super Tuesday is not going his way:

Sometimes, Hitler gets angry that someone is using a cheap forged font CD from Hong Kong:

My favorite part is the really awkward look between the two minions when Hitler says "I used to paint, you know" - the timing of the editing is perfect. Also the dig at Chancery, because it is the suckiest font after Comic Sans & Papyrus.

And sometimes, Hitler finds out that the Avatar trailer sucks:

I feel a bit guilty about seeing Hitler: Scary Murderer of Many People turned into "Crazy Uncle Hitler," but I can't help laughing at the way the re-mixers use creative invective and sharp editing with this scene. The more mundane the subject, the better it works. And I'm positive that there is a generational split between people who find this funny and people who don't - my grandfather (fought Hitler) and my mother (remembers post-war Germany & Japan from her childhood, also, her dad could have died fighting Hitler) would not find this funny at all. But I can see how those of us who grew up with the Hitler of movies and literature and high school history class, standing in as the Bogeyman who is literally the Worst Person Ever To Have Existed On Earth, find freedom in satire.

Updated to add: Hitler does not like it when Americans compare each other to Nazis.

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